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Flowers and Flute

Laurie worked with us to create a small, special service that was a blend of traditional and personalized elements. It made our wedding that much more special to know that we had a hand in creating the moment, tailored just for us. She suggested a wine blessing, which was passed around our guests to pray over before the two of us drank from the glass - it added a unique, beautiful touch that involved our close friends and family more intimately in our special day. The flute music Christopher played at the beginning was beautiful, and overall the cermony was as special as we'd hoped.

Mary Ann & Rich - Phoenix, AZ

Laurie was suggested to us by the wedding coordinator, as I wanted a small, intimate ceremony that was not necessarily religious based. I wanted something that each and every one of my guests could relate to, as well something my husband and I would remember as perfect for us. My photographer had gotten to know me pretty well while planning the wedding and she also said that Laurie would be perfect for us!

I couldn't have been happier with the ceremony. Since I don't live in Taos, Laurie was very accomodating with my busy schedule and set up a phone consultation to speak with me about what I was looking for in a ceremony. I have to admit that I wasn't fully sure what I wanted, but I can tell you with full reassurance that she already knew! She sent over the wording for me to review and make changes. I cried when I read it on my email screen and couldn't find a single word to change... I loved it just the way it was, and felt like Laurie had the experience to know what each and every bride needed on her special day, even if the bride did not.

The wedding was perfect. Laurie was prompt, professional, completely reliable and within a few minutes, she was like part of the family. I cannot recommend Laurie and Joyful Wedding Celebrations enough! In retrospect, seeing how Laurie is able to customize each ceremony she performs, I wish I would have let her plan the entire thing~ I feel that confident about her abilities. Thank you, Laurie for making my special day truly wonderful...It wouldn't have been the same without you!

Heather & Matthew - New Mexico

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