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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Are you available at short notice or for elopements?

A:  Yes, I am often available at short notice. I do not require a meeting with you before the wedding, but welcome such meetings in person or by phone so that I “get a feel for” you as a couple, and to make sure that you are comfortable with me as your officiant.

Q:  What can you tell us about getting a marriage license in New Mexico?

A:  To apply for a marriage license in New Mexico both of you must be present at any New Mexico County Clerk’s office. All you need is the two of you, legal photo ID (for both of you) and $25 in cash. There is no blood test or waiting period in New Mexico. Note that county courthouses are open during business hours, Monday – Friday. The license is valid in anywhere in New Mexico. You do not have to live in New Mexico to obtain a marriage license. For more information about obtaining a license in Taos County, you can contact the County Clerk’s Office at (575) 737-6380, located at 105 Albright Street, Suite D in Taos.

You will need to bring the license to the ceremony for me, the minister, to sign. A marriage license is not required, or available, for commitment ceremonies or vow renewals.

Q:  When do we sign the license?

A:  We usually sign the license immediately following the ceremony, but I also attend the reception, we can incorporate the signing into the reception. This is another special moment that you may want to share with your guests, or keep private for only you and two witnesses.

Q:  How do we file the license after the ceremony?

A:  After your ceremony, you will need to bring or mail your license to the County Clerk’s office, where the certificate was issued, to be legally recorded. Your marriage license is NOT complete until it is finalized at the County Clerk’s Office. You will receive the certificate back. You, a friend or someone else close to you can file the license. I suggest that you obtain several certified copies of the license, which are necessary for name changes. Certified copies are a few dollars each, with price varying in each county.

Q:  How do I change my last name?

A:  After the ceremony is performed and the certificate is recorded, a certified copy of the marriage certificate will be issued. This certified copy can be taken to any State Motor Vehicle Department, where a new I.D. or Drivers License may be obtained under the new last name. A certified copy may also be presented to the Social Security Office, and any other place or agency where this information will need to be updated.

Q:  How long is my marriage license valid?

A:  There is no expiration date on a marriage license. However, if the document is lost or destroyed, there may be a small replacement fee to obtain another.

Q:  Can we have friends or family read a poem, scripture or other “reading”?

A:  Yes, it is lovely when one or more friends or family members read from a poem, scripture or a specially prepared statement as part of your ceremony. I can also read them, and can share suggestions with you for your selection upon request.

Q:  What if we want to include our children in the ceremony?

A:  There are many ways to include children in a wedding ceremony. We can include a rose ceremony for you and the children, as well as vows for and with children or other family members.

Q:  Can we include our pet in the ceremony?

A:  We can include important four-legged and winged family members in the ceremony, if permitted by the location where you have chosen to have your wedding. Dogs sometimes “wear” the rings tied to their collars and are brought forward when I ask for the rings.

Q:  Can we include a parent or other family member or friend who is no longer living in the ceremony?

A:  Yes, we can include a memorial to a deceased loved one. Many couples find this very meaningful if a parent or other loved one has passed.

Q:  What other services to do you offer?

A:  I can run your rehearsal, consult with florists, photographers and other vendors, for an additional fee. I also perform Commitment Ceremonies, Naming Ceremonies for infants, and House Blessings.

Q:  What are your fees?

A:  The fees vary by the level of interaction, time and travel required. My basic fee is $200 and includes a telephone consultation, a copy of the proposed ceremony for your review and edits, attendance at the wedding and reception, if you wish me and my husband to join the celebration following the wedding ceremony. If we are reserving a date that is more than 6 weeks in the future, I request a deposit to hold the date for you.


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